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Self Service High performance Cloud Object Storage solutions

Smart Cloud is the revival project of the previous SmartSpace coin(smrt). The community is engaging heavily on the future prospect of the coin. The smart cloud team has successfully swapped the coins over to the new SmartCloud coin(smrtc) and will now proceed towards building the system.The coin itself is a high-secure coin with PoS and masternodes as its backbone based on the popular and solid PIVX blockchain fork. Reliable and private, Smart Cloud is aiming to be a self service cloud platform with the priority of being smart and easy to use.

Low Fees and Fast Transactions

Standard payment methods charge unreasonable commissions. SMRTC transactions are almost chargeless and super-fast.

Data Safety and Privacy

Data theft is impossible due to the nature of the smart cloud storage: Information is distributed among the members of the network and stored in the free space on their hard drives.


Is your data safe?
SMRTC is secure and smart.

The Idea in a Nutshell

The Smart cloud platform will be the portal for users of both the rentor who will be responsible to provide Object Storage solutions to the cloud storage consumers by registering their services via the smart cloud portal.

Cloud storage consumers or otherwise known as regular users will have the opportunities to securely log into the portal and search for the list of available cloud storage solutions listed by the portal marketplace and will apply for a contract for that particular cloud rental. They are required to deposit smart coins into their balance account.

Once the user has applied a contract and the system has detected that they have sufficient funds to proceed with the rental, the system will then notify the rentor of that rental and it is required by the rentor to agree upon the terms. The payment made by the user will then be locked into a payment stash for that particular rental.If the rentor agrees to the terms of the contract,the system will then notify both partys that the payment is being withheld for the duration of the rental.

Upon completion of the rental, the payment stash will then be released to the rentor and thereupon complete a transaction. This is to ensure that any activities by the rentor is being monitored and maintain quality service for that set duration.

SmartCloud Platform Structure

SmartCloud connects renters and tenants in the most convenient way and provides both categories with the best tools for data storage. Tenants are free to use the best available data storage option, while renters can benefit from staking, masternodes, Shared Space Interest, and Independent Pricing.

Ultimate data safety.

Daily interests.

Flexible pricing.

This is the new way to get money.


The eco-friendly PoS algorithm accurately balances and supports the cloud storage platform. What is more, it allows you to make passive income by just keeping SMRTC coins in your wallet. Add your first few SMRT to the wallet balance to check how simple it is!


Willing to establish a mutually beneficial collaboration with SmartCloud? Then you are welcome to run masternodes, a single one or as many as you can afford. Starting up a masternode will result in increased daily profits and a slightly higher share from renting your disk space.


The SmartCloud platform is built so that the users storing data pay to the counterparts providing them free disk space. This guarantees an excellent token economy and bright prospects for the value of SMRTC coins.

Every time you rent your disk space, you get your shared profit from the member(s) who use it. The amount of free space you have defines your earning potential.

Shared Space Interest applies to both stakers and masternode owners, but the latter will receive a bit higher profit percentage in SMRTC coins.


SwiftTX is utterly simple. It ensures instantaneous transactions all over the SmartCloud network. Get your atomic clock ready: your transaction won’t take any time!


Every SMRTC transactions can be converted to zSmrtc so that it can't be identified or compromised. Zerocoin protocol makes SMRTC transfers private and non-traceable.


All the data in the network is encrypted and therefore unbreakable. The I2P-like encryption enables free and censorship-resistant communication among peers. Given the traffic goes along plenty of different parts, it’s very unlikely it can be tracked.


Independent Pricing is a feature allowing you to adjust the fees for renting your disk space. The recommended fee value may be chosen according to the proposed stability index, but the final word always belongs to you.


If you have 5000 SMRTC, you can build Masternode.

Masternode guide
WhitePaper contains all the details about the SMRTC project. Still can’t find an answer to your question? Then pass by the links in the Community section to ask us directly through one of our social channels.




Founder, devs

Project Coordinator for the Smart Cloud Project.
The founder of the Smart cloud, the revival of the smartspace coin idea entrusted Blademaster to carry out the plan as originally built which was decentralized cloud but moved on to Self Service Cloud storage for the mass using crypto coins as payment as it is a better performance than current decentralized cloud technology, which includes areas where credit card payments is not an option to them.
He has several years experience in cryptocurrency since the days of early Bitcoin and litecoin, and over 5 years experience in building softwares in the areas of java, android, javascript and several other minor programming languages including C and C++. He was intimately involved with masternode coins since the several months ago and would like to take part in this area.
He believes cryptocurrency is the next big thing the world is going lend towards as it is growing exponentially into other fields such point of sales and banking.

Core devs

Lover of coding. And 5+years of coding experience and crypto advocate.

Core devs

Works in the IT field as a System Admin and has a degree in Computer Programming. Also enjoys racing sport bikes.

Graphics artist

Bachelor of Arts with a focus on Graphic Design and 15 years as a Graphic Designer. Certifications in Google Marketing/Analytics and Digital Marketing. Comprehensive experience with Adobe products and email marketing/design.

Web devs

I have been involved in creation and management of many websites as a front-end engineer for over 6 years. My main role is coding for Graphical User Interface.
And I love anime and movies.

Block chain helper

I would consider myself as a crypto currency enthusiast.
I help with the little things to keep the coders coding. “Hand the wrench type”. Outside of crypto, I am a veteran, business owner, and father. 30+ years of life skills and I’ve always loved to dabble in and learn new technology.


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